How we work

Starting as early as you have an idea to validate, we stay there to ensure the successful outcome for each phase of the software development process.

Prototyping and ideation with R&D Lab

Our engineers conduct a feasibility assessment and build prototypes for the boldest ideas you can imagine.


MVP development with lean teams

Build your minimum viable product to test your ideas on the real market and get insights for instant improvement.


Product engineering with managed teams

We embrace an agile product development methodology to lead you through all project stages, from planning to roll out and achieve desired results quickly and efficiently.


Ongoing support and maintenance with Support Center

We can set up a 2nd and 3rd line of support for you, help develop additional features or fix bugs in existing products.

Technology consulting

Rely on the expert guidance to choose the best solutions for your business.
Technology is instrumental in supporting your business growth. The efficiency and business value of IT-related endeavors are achieved by doing the right work at the right time. With the proper combination of software, you can successfully solve the toughest business challenges within the standard workflows. At the same time, untimely changes and unsuited solutions can damage your performance.

We will provide you with expert innovation guidance to draw a line between an opportunity and a threat. Together, we will find the best technology mix that matches your pace, corporate dynamics, strategy, long-term goals, and industry regulations.

Develop and refine your IT strategy

We will help you assess the current state of IT systems and develop a high-level technology plan that reflects your organization’s vision and long-term goals. We will make sure that alongside a clear development program you will retain the ability to stay flexible, reprioritize and create new capabilities.

Identify and mitigate business continuity risks

With your business relying heavily on IT, you want to be sure that the organization’s technology platform is secure, integrated and stable. We will lead you through an efficient assessment process to identify and eliminate the possible sources of threat, latency or miscommunication.

Choose the right combination of technologies

By analyzing your needs and requirements, we will provide you with recommendations on the technology stack and tools that fit your operating model as well as CAPEX and revenue goals. In addition to solution options, we will also advise you on the approach to their integration and adoption within your organization.

Envisage the implementation of new tech

By constantly exploring new and emerging technologies, we shape up a vision of how they can influence businesses and what market benefits they can bring. We will draw your attention to the most prominent innovations and provide you with their analysis. We can cover all aspects from budget to implementation roadmaps and ROI forecasts.

Identify and plan investment opportunities

We can help you effectively select and prioritize the technology initiatives required to reach the strategic development and business performance goals. We will examine your planned IT endeavours for their potential and match them to budgets and timeframes.

How we work

1. Architecture overview

Our experts will conduct interviews with management to collect information about the organisation’s IT and the environment it operates in. Based on the acquired data, we will perform the context analysis and indicate main gaps and areas for improvement.

2. IT capability analysis

We will analyze, plan and balance an enterprise’s IT capabilities in terms of people, skills set, equipment and budget. Further on, we will identify delivery and operational requirements and produce a scenario for allocation and additional acquisition of resources.

3. 360° assessment

The primary purpose of this phase is to provide a broad and unbiased analysis of the problem areas in their current, “as is” state and develop the conceptual vision of the desired “to be” state. As a result, we will deliver a comprehensive assessment report.

4. Solution design

At this stage, our team will define the possible solutions to the discovered shortcomings or desired enhancements and justify their optimality and cost-effectiveness. The experts will provide you with the scope of improvements in the form of detailed business cases and modernization roadmaps.

What we do

  • Gap analysis

  • Architecture evaluation

  • Innovation roadmaps

  • IT modernization roadmaps

  • Digital transformation roadmaps

  • Budget estimation

  • Technology/Vendor selection