What We do

We provide a wide range of services, from consulting to delivery support and more, to offer the flexibility you need to meet the specific business goals of your organization.


New product ideation

Delivering successful products heavily depends on the planning and ideation stages. We apply our experience and design thinking approach to ensure the concept of your product fits the market.

Business case development

To find the best option for your first or next product movement, you need to research and analyze the alternatives. We will analyze all the options to help you make a weighted and rational decision.

Benchmarking services

Anytime there is an uncertainty with your product that prevents you from moving forward, we apply to benchmark to analyze your direct and indirect competitors and indicate the areas of improvement for better product-market fit.

Business process optimization

We conduct processes analysis and suggest improvements so that your company could perform more efficiently and increase profits or decrease operational costs.

Request for Proposal (RFP) creation

We can help you create well-formed RFPs covering all crucial issues of the product, both industry- and IT-specific.

Custom research

We offer our clients a custom research to support the decisions they need to take or the goals they want to achieve.

Delivery, maintenance, and support

Requirements management

Requirements management needs a systematic approach, efficient communication, and teamwork, as well as a dedicated professional who will handle the process. We have 30+ experts at GLOBAL WIZARDS to support you here, saving you time and money.

User training

We help our customers train their users right after the product is launched to enable faster adoption and boost productivity.

User acceptance testing

When a product is launched, we will help arrange and support a user testing process to gather valuable feedback you can consider for future releases.

Additional services

Education and training

When our customers need to improve their performance and enforce innovation inside the company, they engage GLOBAL WIZARDS Business Analysts to provide them with personalized training, helping develop the required professional capabilities.